Your support is what makes our work possible!

None of our personnel are paid. All the money we raise pays for operating
expenses: DVD players, projector bulbs, office
supplies, manikins, travel, printing, telephone, postage,
web servers, and the like.

Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated. Every dollar
we raise goes toward furthering SLICC's progress.

PayPal charges us $0.30 plus 2.2% of all funds donated through their
credit card processing facility. This carries two implications:
First, a donation of $0.31 results in nothing for SLICC and $0.31 for PaypPal.
Second, large donations are really worth making by check.
A $100.00 donation yields $2.50 to PayPal and $97.50 to SLICC if processed by credit card.
(Mail checks to

SLICC c/o Trenkamp

17 Hasleiters Retreat

Savannah, GA 31416)

Thank you very, very much.

Bob Trenkamp and the all-volunteer team at SLICC