Return Policy

Returns have not been an issue at any time in SLICC's history. However, SLICC is changing its merchant bank relationship to permit the acceptance of credit cards, and the new merchant bank - a very large and successful organization - requires that we have a refund policy posted on our site. Here it is:

Training performed by SLICC that involves AHA kits is performed free of charge, although there is a charge for the AHA kit. Students are free to purchase the required kit from SLICC or from any source they choose. Training at Neighborhood CPR Training Centers is charged for at the discretion of the management of each Neighborhood CPR Training Center and is generally on a per-person basis.

There are three categories of things you can get from SLICC, and there is a distinct Return Policy for each:

  1. Things you get without charge: You may return them, but because you didn't pay for them, there will be no refund.
  2. Hard products you purchase - e.g. manikins, AHA kits: You may return these for a full refund, provided that they have not been used, provided you pay to get them back to us, and provided they arrive in re-saleable condition.
  3. Soft products you purchase from us - e.g., training, software downloads: Payments for downloaded software and training are not refundable.


Bob Trenkamp
Saving Lives In Chatham County, Inc.