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SLICC teaches "Bystander CPR" - instruction in CPR, AED use, the resolution of choking emergencies, and stroke recognition.

The CPR method you will learn quadruples the bunber of people who can perform Guideline-Compliant Chest Compression for ten minutes, and that's very important. It is not a substitute for certificated training required by your employer. If you hold a current Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR Certificate, you should renew that certification with the Red Cross (912-651-5323) or with Rescue Training (912-692-8911). If you are considering employment that would require certification, you should contact one of the above organizations for certificated training. This does not mean that you do not need to take this course. You have more than a ten percent chance of seeing at least one family member, friend, or acquaintance die of a cardiac arrest in your lifetime. What we teach in the certificated courses is what the ambulance crew or ER staff need to know when they get to you. What we teach in these bystander courses is what you need to know when you witness a sudden cardiac arrest.

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